About Us
At International Golden Group, we aim to sustain our leading position as a provider of integrated defence systems, as we continue to seek excellence and further achievements that would benefit our team, customers and partners. We believe that the ever- changing global environment creates opportunities in its wake, and our dedication and commitment to the success of our customers, combined with the patience to wait for the right opportunity to present ourselves, remains central to IGG’s focus.

This philosophy has allowed IGG to grow by evolving into a reputable supplier of defence systems within the UAE and the GCC region. At the company, we combine our marketplace insight with strategic thinking for the benefit of our customers and international partners who rely on our success. Maintaining a business in a highly competitive market requires that the demands and needs of our customers are met quickly and decisively and the competition within the marketplace has strengthened our position in our field.

The excellence of the UAE Armed and Security Forces and the quality of our international partners form the cornerstones of IGG’s success as we recognise our responsibility to add to the intellectual capital and standing of our customers and partners.