About Us
Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and the capital of the UAE. It covers an area of 67,340 km2, equivalent to 86.7 percent of the country’s total area excluding the islands. Abu Dhabi borders Saudi Arabia to the west and south and Dubai to the east, with 400 kilometres of Arabian Gulf coastline and a clutch of islands forming its northern boundary. Over the past years, the emirate of Abu Dhabi has continuously contributed around 60% of GDP of the United Arab Emirates, while its population of 2.4 million (approximately, mid- 2012) represents around 29% of the UAE Total.

Oil wealth has been wisely utilised to build robust trade and commercial infrastructure within a healthy socio-economic environment. The diversification path boosted the inward FDIs by 14.1% in the last two years. The promotion of tourism and various tourism related projects will elevate Abu Dhabi to an outstanding status in the region.

As a leading regional commercial hub, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a world- class business environment, Abu Dhabi enjoys a booming economy with no corporate or personal taxes and is one of the highest per capita income cities in the world. Import duties only exist for specific products and range between 1 to 4 percent maximum.

The Best Regulatory Environment:
• 100% Ownership in Free Zones
• No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas
• No restrictions on capital repatriation
• Strong investor incentives and protections
• Easy access to key decision makers
• Member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

Thriving Tourist Destination:
• Hotels rank amongst top in world
• World class restaurants, beaches and tourist attractions
• Internationally renowned sports facilities, including motor sports, golf, water sports, dune driving and football